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HOW TO GET ONLINE PRODUCTS WITHOUT PAYING A CENT NOTE - This tutorial is for Educational Purposes Only. The author will not be held responsible for the misuse of this tutorial. We have gathered proven tactics on how to find and get online products that you want without paying a cent. Before you even start PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU GET THE TOOL I TELL YOU. DO NOT DO ANY OF THE METHODS before getting the tools. I assume you will be using Firefox. I am not a fan of Internet Explorer. So if you do use...
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In this video, I'm gonna share with you how I get free stuff on Amazon and my five-step system for how I actually earn money in the process, coming up. (shutters clicking) Hey, what's up, guys. Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. On this channel we do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, and tips and strategy videos just like this one. If you're new here, consider subscribing. Hey, at any point during the video, I'm gonna list out a lot of websites and all of my resources and things. I'll put those in the YouTube description below so you can check those out at any time. Let's get into the video. Lately I've been getting a ton of free and heavily discounted products from Amazon. I've gotten a few tech things, some iPhone lenses, some things like that. I've gotten a ton of supplements, and hang on for a second. I've gotten literally a ton of supplements from Amazon. I've kind of been obsessed with them lately. I'm working out, so it's relevant for what I'm into. I've also been getting some household items and some other things. The way I got this free stuff on Amazon or discounted, and when I say discounted, maybe it was $40 and you pay $1 or you get 75% off, the way I've been able to do that is actually a website called AMZ Review Trader. I'll link that up in the description, but there's also a ton of websites like it. I'll also link up a blog post that lists out about 20 different websites that basically what they do is they connect companies who are looking to get reviews on their Amazon page, text reviews. They're looking for someone to review it, post some pictures, test out their product, and they'll send you the product either free or at a discounted rate. Maybe you've read before in Amazon comments where it says, "I received this product "either for free or for a discount." That's why that disclaimer is there. Now recently, there's kind of been a change in the industry where Amazon doesn't really allow that anymore, and so you always gotta do your due diligence and your research. What it is now is these sites still exist, but you get the free stuff and you're not required to review it, right, but you can. They still send you the stuff, and then it's optional. If you're building your brand as a reviewer, of course, you know, you are going to review it. I've heard lately that you actually don't even need the disclaimers anymore. Anyway, do your due diligence, of course. I'm not a lawyer. I'll link up the latest resources in the description below, but I want to share with you my five-step process for how I actually apply this to YouTube and earning income. Step number one is to just sign up for an account at AMZ Review Trader, right? What's kind of cool is they have an auto-responder email that helps you start learning the process so you can get approved for free stuff. Number two, you want to optimize your Amazon profile. Think about it. You're actually kinda making an...